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Hubspot - turn website visitors into Hubspot Contacts, with Hipmob

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2013 11:59AM EDT
With Hipmob's latest integration with Hubspot, you can now turn visitors to your website, or to your Hubspot landing pages, into leads (or contacts)*. Here's how:
  1. If you plan to use Hipmob with your Hubspot Landing Pages, (or if your website runs on Hubspot), then go here for instructions on getting the Hipmob chat widget on your landing pages.
  2. In the Hipmob Dashboard, go to the "Integrations" tab, and under "Marketing," you'll see Hubspot. Click "Configure" (as shown below):
  3. In the pop-over, enter your "Hub ID". You can find your Portal ID in the footer at the bottom of the page of your Hubspot account (as shown below):
  4. After entering your "Hub ID", click "Connect".
  5. You'll be taken to a Hubspot screen (as shown below). Click "Authorize":
  6. Once, authorized, you'll see a confirmation screen. From here, choose whether you want ALL YOUR VISITORS to become leads by selecting "Enabled". If you want to be more selective, your agents can just type "#hubspot" during a chat conversation, and they'll create a Hubspot contact from there, OR, go to step 9.
  7. Now enable the contact form. First go to the "Settings" page
  8. Then select "Forms", and select the Checkbox enabling the pre-chat survey. Then hit update (as shown below):
  9. OPTIONAL: If you want to set up the Hubspot integration to work only for specific websites, then go to "Settings" for the site you want Hubspot enabled on, go to "Integrations" and and then go to "Integration Options" and select "Enabled" under "Hubspot Integration" (as shown below):

And you're done! Contacts will now show up in your Hubspot dashboard under Contacts > > Contacts Home.
Again, for instructions on how to use Hipmob with your landing pages, go here!

To ensure this feature works as advertised, make sure you have no Greeting set up for your Hubspot site
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